Personal Training & Programs

Online Personal Training

2020 has challenged the way personal trainers and instructors can deliver exercise to their clients. But with a significant shift to online platforms having support and guidance from a trainer is now easier than ever.

Don’t let this year get in the way of your goals, rather make it an opportunity to become the healthiest and happiest version of you.

Exercise Programs

A customised exercise plan to suit your experience, goals and workout-space. Includes: Workouts, Recipes, Recovery, Yoga, Meditation & more!

Zoom Fitness Classes

Yoga, Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training. Delivered to you wherever you are in the world via Zoom.

Personal Training & Nutrition

Online or in person (Geelong Region) Personal Training with equipment. Nutritional guidance and meal plans also available.


Personal Training on your device. Featuring workout ideas, exercise programs, recipes, class recordings and more.

Online Class Time Table




A total body workout, this class is structured to build strength and lean muscle while working up a sweat. Incorporating the best elements of Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training prepare to feel the burn in your core, legs, glutes and arms. No equipment necessary and suitable for all abilities with plenty of modifications offered throughout.

Casual Zoom Classes


Add some spice and variety to your week with live fitness classes delivered to your screen! Redeemable for one class, within a month of purchasing. Once payment is processed you will be contacted with with a link to access your choice of class.

1 X 45 Minute Zoom Class


4-Weeks To Fitmas

Live Classes + App

19th November – 24th December


2 X Live Workouts Per Week

3 X Home Workouts Per Week

Lifetime Subscription to Fit For Earth App

New Healthy Recipes Every Week

Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Resources

4-Weeks Of Classes


Home Exercise Plan


A customised workout plan tailored to your goals, experience, workout space and preferences. Download the Pre-Exercise Screening questionnaire below to get started !

Home Exercise Plan


Fit For Earth App

Access healthy information and inspiration any time!
Workouts & Videos
Recipes & Healthy Eating Tips
Class Recordings
Articles & More!

App Subscritpion


Hello! My name is Eva, I am a P.T and Exercise Scientist with over 6 years of experience in Group Fitness and Personal Training.

It is my goal to help others achieve holistic, long-term health and wellness by finding the enjoyment in exercise.

I offer a multi-dimensional, modernised approach to training with fun workouts and ongoing support. No matter your experience or fitness level, my workouts are accessible for everybody.

If you’re looking for more information or would like to trial a Zoom class, click below

I look forward to moving with you!

To get started with a personalised fitness plan, download the form below